I believe we now live in a time of post-post-modernism, where just about everything is a fusion or mish-mash of an idea or expression that has gone before. Perhaps, this is why I have so much respect and appreciation for true innovation and creativity.

I love exploring popular culture and its derivatives, as well as recognizing the influence of other cultures on western society.

As I am an exhibited artist, professional photographer and designer (interior, landscape architecture, website developer) I have a keen interest in many aspects of Art Culture (click here to learn more).

Whether it be through, art, music, fashion, technology or functional design (architecture, products, etc.), I am fascinated by the dynamic nature of our ever-changing world and am excited by the directions we find ourselves heading in.

One of the most exciting and arguably the most important aspect of human behaviour is that of philanthropy and social enterprise, or what I like to call the Culture of Giving.

There are literally thousands of worthy causes out there, but I like to support those who not only empower individuals to help themselves and their community, but also do it in a way that is innovative and ultimately, sustainable.

To check out a few initiatives that subscribe wholeheartedly to a Culture of Giving, click here now.