OrchidTableDisplayKIRBYWeddingIf you know me at all, you’ll know my favourite flowers are ORCHIDS.

Phalaenopsis were the feature flower of our wedding and our home is filled with Cymbidiums and garden grown Dendrobiums.

It is hard to pick a favourite, they come in so many beautiful colours and shapes.

2 of my favourite past-times, however, are growing and photographing orchids.

Here’s a sample:

Orchids make a wonderful gift idea for birthdays, baby-births or house-warmings presents as they require little maintenance.

All orchids in flower look great and so it is tempting to buy them while they are in full bloom but the best value (for a gift) is to purchase the orchids with large luscious buds and healthy leathery green growth.

If you are simply wanting to start your own collection the wisest way to build your set is to buy good quality seedlings, preferably from a reputable nursery or better yet, an orchid show. After all, the show winners of tomorrow will have sprouted from today’s seedlings.

**Buyer Beware** Please note, if you are wanting to enter your orchids into an exhibition, the competition host usually require that you have all the relevnat tags describing the Species and Genera/Genus. Some orchids purchased from wholesale or discount nurseries do not have this information.

First and second place competition winners are most likely to be rare and so consequently expensive. Negotiate with the owners, but it may be worth waiting for the best of the crop.

More about Orchids coming soon….