Seminar Junkies Anonymous Australia and New Zealand was created by Natalee-Jewel in July 2010 in response to 3 things:

1. Teaching herself about WordPress, Internet marketing and claiming her own piece of Cyberspace;

2. Her own personal development journey; and

3. Providing a forum for open and constructive discussion about the industry, it’s players and an opportunity for all to make educated decisions about with whom to invest their money, time and dreams.

Being a self-confessed Seminar Junkie, Natalee-Jewel came across an overwhelming wave of information about how to improve my life, relationships, health and of course… how to make money!

Whether it’s an eBook, audio product, training course or webinar, it seems like the Internet and seminars are totally saturated with a lot of worthless junk, most of which you have to pay some not-so-worthless money for.

Natalee-Jewel has met many intelligent and well-intentioned people excited by the stories of over-night self-made millionaires that did it all at the click of a button, while they had faced disappointment after disappointment and spent years and countless dollars before finding anything mediocre let alone brilliant.

Each week seems to herald the arrival of the latest Guru and their amazing new product. You hear one speaker after the next pushing the same old stuff! Yes it may have worked for them – years ago. But you can see for yourself that the world we live and work in today is very different; it’s constantly changing and at rapid rates!

It is comforting to know that not everyone is a con artist and there are decent products and services out-there that can and do transform your life, relationships and help you on your path to financial freedom. However, amid the scams and rip-offs it’s very difficult to know who to trust.

Seminar Junkies Anonymous is dedicated to providing an open and honest forum for all to share their experiences and concerns. It actively recommends tools (books, audio, dvds, videos, courses, software, etc.) to make the journey as simple and easy as possible, without diminishing your self-worth or your net-worth.

Along the way Natalee-Jewel has learnt a lot of lessons both personal and professional and has managed to build a growing community, who share their experiences so others don’t have to make the same costly mistakes.

Members (or fellow “Junkies” as we are affectionately called) are invited to contribute articles, comments and insights into their experiences.

Seminar Junkies Anonymous explores everything from health/fitness and personal development to wealth creation from real estate investment, property development, on and offline business, share trading/investment, Internet marketing, NLP, LOA and anything that can help us on the path to success.

By the beginning of 2011 it became apparent that there was also a demand for dedicated sites in the USA, UK and Asia and so Natalee-Jewel has been busy developing those sites and in time they will no doubt become as popular if not more than SJA Australia & NZ, fostering an encouraging and supportive community for those who always wish to learn and transform their lives.

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