This is more for me than anyone else…Sorry, but it’s true.
I thought this would be the ideal spot to compile information for all the places I want to go and things I want to do – as I will eventually be going, doing and blogging anyway!

In late 2011, my husband Andrew and I are planning to travel to South America, specifically Peru, Argentina and Brazil. I am so excited just by the thought of it and have started my research, which only inspires me more.
I am using this site to compile all my information and create the ideal itinerary for us. We are open to suggestions and recommendations – so if you know or have heard of any additional information, please feel free to make suggestions in the comments box at the bottom. We appreciate all feedback and love to support locals who deserve recognition for their service.



AMERICA – Upper Antelope Canyon, located outside of Page, Arizona.

MEXICO – January – Monarch Butterfly National Park

JAPAN – March – Crane dancing in the snow

ALASKA – June – Grizley Bear Mid-Summer Feast of Salmon

Where & What’s on your Bucket/Wish List? And Why?