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Little Lullabies… Epic Adventures is a co-creation with my son, Robert Ulysses.

We’re so blessed to share in exciting and informative experiences as he grows. I try to make the most of these by capturing the memories and turning them into educational tools.

I’m a lucky mum in so many ways, and even more so by the increasingly obvious fact that Robert Ulysses shares my passion for travel and technology, but like any kid he also loves TOYS – so we conduct reviews to help other parents out. Parenting in the 21

Parenting in the 21st century has evolved from previous generations. It’s not as easy or as hard – it’s just different and so while the old adage that “children don’t come with instruction manuals” still holds true, this new generation is having to grapple with the realities of finding a healthy balance between advanced technology and proven hands on educational methods.

That’s why I’ve created this educational resource for parents who want to give their toddlers and preschoolers the very best start in life. Screen-time doesn’t have to make “child-zombies”. It can allow parents to engage, entertain and educate their children through platforms that will be the core of success in future life.

We hope you like our videos – they’re made for fun and learning while Robert Ulysses has some QUALITY screen-time. Join him on his adventures as he explores, plays, and reviews toys, books and fun activities.

Are you a parent who wants to share your experiences?

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