A New Chapter

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Natalee-Jewel, Imagineer.

Welcome to Natalee-Jewel.com, the hub for all my initiatives. Feel free to explore my enterprises and articles.

For those who don’t know me, here’s the short story….

Having travelled to over three dozen countries by the age of 21, her love of culture and the social sciences inspired studies in International Relations, Japanese and International Development.
An exhibited artist (painter and photographer) Natalee-Jewel is equipped with a keen eye for composition, perspective and a great appreciation for the psychology of aesthetics. Her love of practical design has also been applied in corporate and residential built environments underpinning her success as a Property Developer.
Recognising a gap in the market, Natalee-Jewel established her own business, which rapidly evolved from online real estate photography into developing websites, online communities and new media campaigns for a range of SMEs, including Indigenous groups, NFPs, international business leaders and Defence.
When a multi-national advertising company offered her their leading Social Media position, Natalee-Jewel couldn’t resist the opportunity to apply her knowledge of digital strategy and her award-winning commitment to customer service for global “house-hold-name” brands as well as a wide variety of Australian and New Zealand Government agencies (with a focus on Education and Health/recruitment).
Recognised as a digital thought-leader, Natalee-Jewel was frequently a keynote speaker and member of expert-panel discussions sharing her unique approaches with audiences across Australiasia.
Her appointment as Media Director of the Embassy of the United States of America brought her career full circle, where she was responsible for both the Mission’s traditional and new media. Introducing innovative digital systems Natalee-Jewel took communication processes to a new level bringing a fresh dimension to local and international outreach programmes.
A new mum, Natalee-Jewel is devoted to the full-time care of her family while continuing to project manage a diverse property portfolio and consult on digital campaigns for select clients.

And now, a new chapter:

Check out my new co-venture, with son Robert Ulysses, Little Lullabies… Epic Adventures – a site for families interested in educational videos for children, parenting hacks, kids activities, toy, book and product reviews. As well as parenting articles and family deals and discounts.